The View From M-22. A blog.


M-22, a Michigan highway, is one of the iconic Great Lakes scenic and relaxing vacation / tourist highways that exists in these great United States of America.  At least in my humble opinion.  And, I know, I am not alone in that thought.  Here’s a sample:


This 116.7 or so mile long road follows Lake Michigan’s coastline in some of the most beautiful scenic areas on the Great Lakes.  And yet, there are also marvelous things to be seen and done around and near M-22.

This blog, then, is meant to express some small portion of the beauty that you can see and enjoy on anything from a shoe string budget to a budget that demands that you experience only THE best of what life has to offer.  Some of my posts will be from past experiences.  I moved here in 2016 and married my wife from here in 2009.  So – the grandeur has NOT worn off quite yet.  As time unfolds I will be off on new adventures and have done more fresh research.  And so – there will be a mix of old and new.  Regardless, I hope that you find it informational and worth the quick read that I hope to make each post.

Jon Kreski – Beulah, MI